Hatha Yoga is an ancient and sophisticated system of asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and dhyana (meditation) designed to bring balance and mindful awareness into our bodies, mind and self. This inner exploration helps us connect with our own inner wisdom and potential. Practicing yoga brings forth excellent physical health, mental clarity and self awareness. There are over 2000 hatha yoga poses, breathing practices, meditation, and variations that promote health and well being. These intricate practices not only in fill our yoga classes, they also spill over into our daily lives.

There are many forms and methods of Hatha Yoga each with their own focus and style of teaching. Finding one that best suits your needs is increasingly easy as yoga continues to grow in the West, and with millions of students and teachers around the world.

Yoga is an excellent foundation or addition to any health and wellness program. It focuses on stretching, strengthening, balance, coordination, postural alignment, mindfulness and increases body/mind awareness.

By adding Yoga to your wellness regime you get the added benefits of:

*Reduced stress and tension

*Increased muscle tone and strength

*Increased concentration and awareness

*Increased circulation and immune system

*Increased stamina and flexibility

*Strengthening the internal core muscles

*Increased bone density

*Boosts self-esteem and confidence.

This 5000 year old ancient tradition is a practice that unites the mind, body and spirit. It is one of the oldest wellness traditions and practices known to man. Come and experience balance, relaxation, and peace of mind.

Private 1-on-1: Downtown Langley Location

Initial Consultation   $85.00/1 hour      

1 session                 $70.00/1 hour                        

Private Packages: When pre-purchased in advance.

5 sessions                $65.00/session    $325.00       ($25 savings)    

10 sessions              $60.00/session    $600.00       ($100 savings)     

20 sessions              $55.00/session    $1,100.00    ($300 savings)

Semi-Private Sessions: (2ppl)

Initial Consultation  $130.00/1.25 hour

1 session                  $90.00/hour

Semi Private Packages: When pre-purchased in advance.

5 sessions                $85.00/session    $425.00  ($25 savings)   

10 sessions              $80.00/session    $800.00  ($100 savings)  

20 sessions              $75.00/session    $1500.00 ($300 savings)

The Scaravelli Tradition of Hatha Yoga

This Hatha Yoga method is the style and tradition of Vanda Scaravelli and Esther Myers, and is the method that is taught at Vicara Wellness. The term Scaravelli/Myers is used loosely as the method is not actually named as such. Vanda Scaravelli, the creator of this method has said that yoga is ones own, and can not be named. It is only provided here, to show the lineage of the practice.

This method of yoga has been described by many as a rejuvenative and rehabilitative style of yoga. Making it perfect for anybody at any level, and with those who may have limitations. These are some of the basic principles of this method, which makes it so unique.


“Breathing is the Essence of Yoga.” - Vanda Scaravelli


In this method, each class begins with a breathing practice. This prepares the body and mind for the asana (or postures). With this breathing practice we gently warm the body, organs, muscles and spine with the breath. This also allows the focus to turn inwards allowing the mind to still and relax.

Throughout the whole practice, we focus on the natural elongation of the spine on the exhale. In each pose or posture we use the breath to take us in and out of the pose. Generally, the exertion and extension is on the exhale. The breath is the inspiration to the movement, as breathing is started before the movement.

Elongation of the spine.

“ When we connect to our spines we are connected to the core of who we are, where we stand, and what we believe and value.” - Esther Myers

Elongation of the spine is focused on in every pose, whether its a forward bend, twist, side bend, back bend or inversion. Elongation of the whole spine is focused on including the sacral, lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.  As the pelvis is the strongest keystone of the body, elongation of the whole body starts from there.

Oppositional or polar forces are a natural phenomenon in our external experience, and they also reside within the body. This oppositional force is honored in the elongation of the spine, growing ‘down’ from the waist, hips, pelvis and sacrum while growing ‘up’ through the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. Again, this is done in every pose, using the breath to enhance the elongation. The terms ‘up’ and ‘down’ are used loosely as it depends which pose we are in, for example inversions would be the opposite.


“Gravity puts us in contact with the spine. All movements we do against the flow of gravity are negative and the ones along the pull of gravity, in which the ground receives our weight, are positive.” - Vanda Scaravelli


Grounding is also something that we do in every pose. We will focus on the physical aspect of grounding here.


Whatever part of the body that is contacting the mat in a pose, that part is focused on grounding deep into the mat. Thus, allowing the rest of the body (mainly the spine) to experience the rebound from the earth growing light and tall. The more the anchoring points are grounded deep into the mat, the more the oppositional force of the rebound from the earth will be experienced.

The Edge.

Some styles of yoga require or encourage the student to take things to the edge or past it. Focusing on achieving a certain alignment or contorting the body into a certain shape.


In this method of yoga, the students are encouraged to find their very own edge, and then back off just slightly. Thus preventing sprains, strains, and injury while getting the full benefit from the pose. Students are also encouraged to be compassionate and non-judgmental with themselves, and only doing what is right for them that day. Pushing through pain and discomfort is not beneficial and will only cause the body to tighten and resist, thus preventing the full benefit of the pose.


Understanding that it may have taken the body years to acquired its current pattern of movement, is a key element in the practice of yoga. We encourage having compassion and awareness in that it may take just as much time to unravel the body and re-pattern movement in a healthy way. Through continual practice of yoga the body will begin to unravel and rebalance its self over time.


In this method, we encourage taking time within the pose to allow the body to relax and invite the pose in, wait for it. Wait for the body to say yes. As the student becomes more relaxed and familiar with the pose, the relaxed muscle memory will allow the body to fall into the pose instead of tense and resist it.


These basic principles are practiced in every pose, in every level of practice from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced. As one becomes more familiar with the poses and the basic principles of this method, challenging the body and the mind becomes available through concentration, focus, balancing, stretching,  strengthening and mindful awareness. Yoga is yours, take it where ever you wish!


“Yoga means the mystical union, oneness with God, and the disciplines or practices that lead toward this union.”

                          -Esther Myers

Hatha Yoga